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Happy Healthy Packaging

Happy Healthy Smoothies are great for people on the go who want a well balanced meal with tons of natural ingredients and vitamins in one package. There are a variety of flavors which make it easy to have a different flavor every day of the week and not mix an entire blender of fruits and have the same flavor smoothie day after day until it’s gone. These are found in the frozen section of most major grocery stores.


Overnight oats that tasted great but looked like oatmeal? The challenge was to make the exterior enticing so the consumer would try this new product that came in a variety of fruit and spice flavors. The product rolled out in Wal-Mart, Costco and various grocery stores across the U.S. with a big acceptance. Within months we were asked to design a “case” package for people who wanted to purchase quantities of 24 at a time.


Happy Healthy